Do I love then eye contact , oh yes!! But do we all have to be looking at the camera and smile at the each photo? No,No, No!! If I catch that natural eye contact its great! But if it’s a family session, I want my families to be looking at each other not me!! When they look at me its often just to see if I am ok jumping up and down, or wondering why am I making all sort of silly noises 🙂 But when they look each other thats when I see the spark . I see the bond, emotions!! Looking at this photos I can see, how much love this little addition got from his family!! You can see the big sisters absolutely adoring him!!

So if you re thinking of booking a family session, but you think you are not good infant of the camera!! Just let me tell you!! IT IS OK!! I feel absolutely same when I am infant of the lens! But I promise , our session is not going to feel like that!! We are going chat, play, laugh!!  I will give you gentle direction, so you don’t need to be worried not knowing what to do!!

And trust me at the end it will worth it!! You will have gorges real images of your family that everyone will treasure forever….


new mum breathing her baby infront of the airy bright window light

mother staring at her newborn child in this photograph

New mother and her mother are are cuddling newborn baby in this photograph

Grandmother and her grandchildren are cuddling and admiring the baby

newborn abbey boy and his family sitting on the bed for their photograph