Alyssa & The Family | Henley On Thames | Photographer

Alyssa and her family has had their fourth photography session  with me couple of weeks ago. We did pre birthday session at their home in Henley on Thames . I absolutely love when my families come back again for their session. It is like catching up with old friends....

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Eliyo | Henley | Photographer

Do I love then eye contact , oh yes!! But do we all have to be looking at the camera and smile at the each photo? No,No, No!! If I catch that natural eye contact its great! But if it's a family session, I want my families to be looking at each other not me!! When they...

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Olive Betty Anne | Reading

It's such an emotion to see your expecting mums coming back with their newborns. Often it feels like a friend popping in to the studio. It is unbeliveble how close you get to people when you are photographing them.  And I absulutly love it. Here is little Olive , just...

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Maternity Photography | Reading

Since our move I no longer offer session in my home studio. And Lucy was the my first session that I did at client house which was in Reading. It worked great. She was at the comfort of her house, she had everything she needed under her hand. She was well prepared...

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Pregnancy & My story

      Glowing in pregnancy?  That wasn't the case for me!! I always hear people saying how they enjoyed their pregnancy, that they love being pregnant. And I am like, really?? I knew I was pregnant before even purchasing a clear blue test was a question!! I was rather...

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Your Photographer from Henley on Thames

HELLO My name is  Pelin. I am a photographer, wife and a mother to two crazy boys. I’ve moved from Turkey to Henley on Thames in 2001 and started working as an au pair. My first purchase with my earnings was a small compact camera. I was taking pictures all the time....

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